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White Acres Pellets Logo!White Acres bagging pellets

All White Acres bagging pellets will take on water and still keep their form; they will not turn to mush, however if soaked in warm water they can be pushed through a maggot riddle to make a perfect paste. The Cornish Bagging Pellets have been developed for commercial fisheries, with low oil and just the right amount of protein to keep the fish fit and healthy

White Acres Pellets 2mm2mm
2mm Bagging pellets have become one of the most popular pellets in the range since the introduction of the method feeder at White Acres, just pour 1pint of 2mm micro pellets into a 2 pint tub, just cover with water and leave to stand for about 30 minuets, then place on the lid and give them a shake and they are ready to use, just fill the method feeder mould and press in the feeder and they will grip the feeder perfectly.

White Acres Pellets 4mm4mm
4mm bagging pellets have become more popular since the introduction of the smaller F1 Carp, they can be fed in a small shaker pot or loose fed at close range, and ideally the pellets should be sprinkled with a small amount of water to make them break the surface tension when feeding.

White Acres Pellets 6mm6mm
6mm bagging pellets are ideal for fishing shallow on the long pole and make a good hook bait when banded, and are also a good size to use as a general feed pellet.

White Acres Pellets 8mm8mm
8mm bagging pellets are ideal for fishing the waggler or bomb, they can be fired up to 30 meters, wind permitting, they don’t need any preparation, just use straight from the bag, they are commonly used as a banded hook bait along with a substantial feed bait.

White Acres Pellets 11mm11mm
11mm bagging pellets are ideal for fishing the deeper waggler or bomb, they can be fired up to 40 meters, wind permitting, they don’t need any preparation, just use straight from the bag, they are ideal when you need to attract the fish by noise as well as feed!

White Acres bagging-mixWhite Acres bagging mix
Formulated primarily for use at White Acres for Carp and Bream fishing, it is approximately 75% fish meal and ground pellet with 25% sweet mix, its ideal when you are fishing for a mixed bag and not just carp, it has been mixed for us by Dynamite Bait.

This had been one of our best selling ground baits over the last 5 years and will work well on any commercial venue not just White Acres

White Acres Pellet WagglersWhite Acres Pellet Wagglers
Our pellet wagglers are made for us by Garbolino, they come loaded and un-loaded and the size range is 4, 5, 6, & 8 grams, the body of the pellet wagglers are dark blue with a choice of red or yellow tips.

The pellet waggler will work well on most lakes but the stand out lakes with this method works really well on are Twin Oaks and on Pollawyn high bank fishing tight across to the island.

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