White Acres Winter League 2016

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The latest round of the winter White Acres winter league saw some excellent weights.

This week was a double header, the Saturday match was won by Mark Cullerton from peg 10 Twin Oaks with 111lb 1oz, all carp, Mark fished at 14.5 meters with a banded 6mm pellet feeding 3 x 6mm pellets over the top.

2nd place was Ricky Dennis from peg 23 on Trelawney with a weight of 75lb 9oz, Ricky had 16 F1’sin the first hour fishing corn over 4mm pellet at 14.5 meters picking odd fish up through the day, then added four carp on the pellet feeder in the last hour.

The Sunday match made it a weekend double for Mark Cullerton drawing peg 15 Twin Oaks, he fished an identical match to return an even better weight of 200lb 5oz, 2nd place went to Nigel Sanders from peg 16 Twin Oaks who pushed mark all the way with 197lb 3oz, all Nigel’s fish came on the pellet waggler with 6mm pellet feeding very little.

Match Four – 16th Jan 2016
Name Weight Peg Lake
1st Mark Cullerton 111lb 1oz peg 10 Twin Oaks
2nd Ricky Dennis 75lb 9oz peg 23 Trelawney
3rd Tony Williams 64lb 2oz peg 15 Twin Oaks
4th Roy Penkethman 63lb 3oz peg 32 Trelawney
5th Chris Hancock 62lb 13oz peg 15 Trelawney
6th pete Byrne 60lb peg 12 Twin Oaks
Match Five – 17th Jan 2016
Name Weight Peg Lake
1st Mark Cullerton 200lb 5oz peg 15 Twin Oaks
2nd Nigel Sanders 197lb 3oz peg 16 Twin Oaks
3rd Harry Billing 111lb 12oz peg 35 Twin Oaks
4th Andy Dare 99lb 10oz peg 23 Trelawney
5th Dave Hillier 97lb 8oz peg 25 Twin Oaks
6th Mark Layzell 87lb 6oz peg 12 Trelawney