Winter Garbolino Festival 2017 – Day Four

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Day Four

We have 70 anglers fishing over 5 days in 7 peg sections rotating between Twin Oaks, Trelawney, Jennys, Pollawyn, Sycamore and Python, the weather has very been extremely cold today with showers and hail mixed in also. Read on for day four results……

‘A’ Section Sycamore and Python

Today’s winner on Python was Darren Cox peg 14 with 19lb 3oz. Lee Edwards managed second place with 16lb 1oz from peg 11. Finishing third on peg 11 with a weight of 15lb 5oz was Matthew Parkin and Dan Varney took fourth place on peg 5 weighing in at 14lb 10oz.

Section Name Peg Points Weight
A Darren Cox 14 7 19lb 3oz
B Lee Edwards 11 7 16lb 1lb
‘B’ Section Twin Oaks

First place was Richard Bacon from peg 25 with 99lb 4oz, Richard fished long and short pole with maggot. Second place on the day was Jon Arthur from peg 23 with 72lb 8oz. Jordan Holloway on peg 15 finished in third place with a weigh of 32lb 13oz and finishing in fourth place was Mark Fox with 29lb 10oz from peg 27.

Section Name Peg Points Weight
A Jordan Holloway 12 7 32lb 13oz
B Richard Bacon 25 7 99lb 4oz
‘C’ Section Trelawney

First place was Ramon Ansing from peg 26 with 33lb 10oz.Second on the day was Ryan Seymour from peg 5 with 28lb 12oz. Third place went to Grant Albutt from peg 11 with 23lb 6oz and fourth place went to Steve Waters from peg 13 with 23lb 2oz.

Section Name Peg Points Weight
A Ryan Seymour 5 7 28lb 12oz
B Ramon Ansing 26 7 33lb 10oz
‘D’ Section Jennys

Steve Harwood took first place today with a weight of 36lb 10oz from peg 8, Steve fished waggler with corn. Second place on the day was Paul Sanderson from peg 17 with 29lb 3oz, Paul also fished waggler with corn. Third place went to Andy Power from peg 20 with 19lb 5oz and fourth place went to Glen Lawrence from peg 3 with 17lb.

Section Name Peg Points Weight
A Steve Harwood 8 7 36lb 10oz
B Paul Sanderson 17 7 29lb 3oz
‘E’ Section Pollawyn

Harry Billing took first place on peg 20 with a weight of 22lb 10oz, Harry fished the pole over ground bait. Second place went to Steve Hemingray from peg 16 with 13lb 12oz. Third place went to Paul Newell from peg 22 with 11lb 11oz and fourth place went to Keith Gooderham from peg 28 with a weight of 11lb 3oz.

Section Name Peg Points 7 Weight
A Steve Hemingray 16 7 13lb 12oz
B Harry Billing 20 7 22lb 10oz
Top Twenty
Position Name Points Weight
1st Jon Arthur 26 177lb
2nd Paul Newell 26 107lb 15oz
3rd Steve Hemingray 25 132lb 7oz
4th Steve Harwood 25 119lb 12oz
5th Mark Fox 25 109lb 8oz
6th Keith Gooderham 24 131lb 12oz
7th Stewart Lister 23 118lb 1oz
8th Jordan Holloway 23 94lb 15oz
9th Ramon Ansing 22 185lb 10oz
10th Lee Edwards 22 104lb 13oz
11th Ben Lawrence 22 94lb 8oz
12th Florian Muller 22 70lb 14oz
13th Graham Tappenden 22 66lb 11oz
14th Dan Varney 21 117lb 3oz
15th Wayne Swinscoe 21 88lb 10oz
16th Grant Albutt 21 80lb 3oz
17th Andy Power 21 68lb 2oz
18th Darren Cox 20 86lb 7oz
19th Paul Sanderson 20 84lb 2oz
20th Glen Lawrence 20 78lb 14oz

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